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Launch of EPA report
The Environmental Protection Agency has published (25 November) a major new report on the effects of climate change in Ireland – Climate Change: Indicators for Ireland.

Speaking at the launch of the report, Mr. Martin Cullen, T.D., Minister for the Environment and Local Government, stated that Ireland’s greenhouse gas emissions, at 17.7 tonnes per person per year – compared to 13 tonnes per capita in developed countries – meant that real reductions would have to be made if Ireland were to meet its commitments to the Kyoto Protocol by 2010 of a level of 13% of the 1990 levels.

Referring to the penalties which may be incurred by not meeting our Kyoto targets, the Minister stated – “Our emissions are way ahead of our European counterparts and unless we bring this ludicrous situation into line, we will pay a horrendous price.”
Author:Neil Flynn
Posted Date:11/26/2002

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