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Transport sector: Commission approves UK scheme to facilitate environmental protection
The European Commission authorised today the “UK Logistics Transaction Programme” which is intended to facilitate environmental protection and the reduction of CO˛ emissions in particular, through the promotion of best practices in the transport sector.

The UK Government decided to encourage the private sector to undertake environmental initiatives aimed at achieving environmental targets agreed under the Kyoto Convention, notably through a reduction on CO˛ emissions from transport. The UK scheme seeks to replicate a Dutch scheme “aids for the reduction of CO˛ emissions in the transport sector” which was authorised by the Commission in July 2001.

The UK programme will be applicable until 31 December 2007. The expected budgetary allocation is ₤3 million per year and should help avoid around 350,000 tonnes of carbon emissions.

The scheme will support the following objectives in particular:
• Improvement of logistical efficiency through projects reducing the number of kilometres driven on the road while maintaining the same haulage performance.
• Improvement of vehicle efficiency through projects reducing fuel consumption per kilometre travelled while maintaining the same load.
• Knowledge dissemination carried out by branch associations and training institutes which may, among other things, relate to the provision of publications and the organisation of conferences, seminars and training courses.
Author:Neil Flynn
Posted Date:11/28/2002

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