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More Flexibility for Separate Waste Collection
ZWEIWEG Schneider introduces new type of garbage truck with interchangeable waste container system on this year’s IFAT 2002.
ZWEIWEG treads new paths in the field of waste disposal: The multi-chamber garbage truck ZWEIWEG-MultiRec with interchangeable waste containers and clever loading system ensures an improved, more efficient form of waste collection. It therefore proves to be more cost-effective than commonly used garbage trucks.
Organic waste, superfluous packaging and remaining waste can be collected during one collection tour. Therefore, driving the same tour twice, or even three times, can be avoided and, in addition, individual regional requirements can be taken into consideration.
With its rear loading flap the ZWEIWEG-MultiRec is able to empty garbage bins at perceptibly shorter running ways of the lifters. Containers are available separately - horizontally mounted units in split carts with 2, 3 or 4 compartments or as one so-called “mono-container”. Each combination of unchanging and interchangeable containers is possible.
Organic and remaining waste or superfluous packaging – each fraction will be kept separated during the dumping process. The cycle time for emptying containers is reduced to 12 seconds, either into the upper or lower stowing container or right and left simultaneously. At the same time the danger of accidents decreases to a minimum.
Principally, it is possible to empty all kinds of garbage bins up to 1100 L. However, the ultimate add-ons for this vehicle are the multi-chamber waste containers, available in each combination. The modification from split cart to mono container is very simple and therefore this vehicle is a worthwhile investment - saving space and time.
With ZWEIWEG-MultiRec, the renowned manufacturer of rail-road vehicles, “ZWEIWEG Schneider” launches another vehicle that stands for innovative technology and adaptability - an all-in-all convincing idea, fulfilling individual local requirements.
Furthermore, this concept reduces cycle times, personnel costs and, therefore, the total expenses for waste collection.

For further information please contact:
ZWEIWEG Schneider GmbH & Co.
KG Oberbüscherhof 50
D-42799 Leichlingen /
Author:Neil Flynn
Posted Date:7/1/2002

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