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Smartfit Uses ‘Optimum start’ for Optimum Energy Efficiency
Honeywell’s Smartfit home heating control system includes an ‘optimum start’ feature that saves fuel by varying the morning switch-on time according to how warm the house is already.
With optimum start, householders set the time at which they require the house to reach a desired temperature – not the switch-on time itself. The Smartfit system senses the actual temperature and its optimum start circuit starts the boiler at the latest possible moment that will ensure the set temperature is reached by the required time.
The heating system is designed to cope with the coldest day, so that when the weather is warmer, it will realise the maximum savings.
The traditional practice of setting the ‘boiler on’ time is wasteful of energy – the setting is usually early enough to ensure the home reached the desired temperature by a particular time on the coldest mornings. As the time is not adjusted with weather variations, the heating starts unnecessarily early on all but a few days each winter.
While optimum start is good news for householders, Smartfit also benefits installers because it removes the difficulty of wiring a home central heating system and reduces installation time. Smartfit features low voltage wiring and plug-in control connections to minimise the chance of errors and to make wiring quicker and simpler.
Central to Smartfit is a connection box that provides plug-in or simple 2-wire connection for all space heating and hot water controls. Installers simply connect the 2-wire room unit, plug in the valves and cylinder sensor and the system is complete.
The Smartfit room unit provides a single point of control for all space heating and hot water programmes. It also includes a built-in diagnostics facility that enables faults to be identified and remedied quickly. Householders can quote the fault code over the telephone so the service provider knows which parts to take to site, thus reducing call-backs and saving time and cost.
Further details of the Honeywell Smartfit system may be obtained from:
Pauline Wetherwell
Honeywell House, Arlington Business Park, Bracknell, Berkshire RG12 1EB
Tel: + 44 1344 656000 Fax: + 44 1344 656240
Email: Website:
Author:Neil Flynn
Posted Date:7/1/2002

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